Why Tucson ?

Friendly people – just stop and chat, wave at the people on your street, take a drive into downtown, park and walk around.

No snow shovels – imagine leaving it behind for someone else to use (except for one day every few years)

Low humidity – your hair will be happy, your clothes will be happy, your pool towels will dry in record time, but you may need to apply lip balm to those dry lips

The smell of rain in the desert – it should be bottled, there’s nothing quite like it when the rain hits the greasewoods. 

Unbelievable sunsets – the colors are breathtaking

You can bicycle from one end of town to the other without getting on a main road

Tucson has 5 Mountain Ranges in the area, The Catalina’s, The Tortolita’s, The Tucson Mountains, The Rincon’s and the Santa Rita’s. 

Tucson weather is, on average, 8 degrees cooler than Phoenix. This means the weather cools down in the summer evenings to sit out and enjoy the stars

Tucson offers a great variety of hikes for folks of all ages.  There are many trails within the city where you forget you are in the city, and you don’t have to drive far to get there.

Tucson continues to revitalize downtown and brings with it great restaurants, concerts, Broadway musicals and much more.


Golf Courses

With more than 40 courses throughout the area, Tucson offers golf courses for all skill levels.  From public courses to semi-private and private courses, golfers can enjoy the beauty of the Sonoran Desert year round.

Things To Do In Tucson

Things to do in Tucson, from day trips to long weekends to packing the suitcase and hitting the road for a mini-vacation


Here is a list of all the utilities you will need when you are moving into a new home.

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